Camelot™ Standard Terry

Camelot™ Standard Terry

The Camelot™ Collection offers a ring spun construction and a dobby border for an upscale, plush appearance.  

Camelot Bath Towel (Minimum of 2)

Product ID : 1004-17CAMW

Price: $10.50

Camelot™ Bath Mat

Product ID : 1032-9CAMW

Price: $5.99

Camelot™ Bath Towel (minimum of 2)

Product ID : 1004-15CAMW

Price: $9.99

Camelot™ Hand Towel (minimum of 3)

Product ID : 1013-45CAMW

Price: $2.99

Camelot™ Wash Cloth (minimum of 6)

Product ID : 1022-15CAMW

Price: $0.99