Microtex® Microfiber Sheets

Microtex® Microfiber Sheets

Our exclusive Ultra Soft Microtex® microfiber sheets provide a luxurious, soft feel while lasting up to 50% longer than traditional sheets. Use less water and fewer chemicals when laundering and save energy with reduced drying time. Experience for yourself this wrinkle-free, stain resistant fabric with superior breathability and whiteness.

Full Fitted Microtex™ 54x80x12

Full Fitted Microtex™ 54x80x12 White, Red Hem

Price: $12.00

Microtex® King Fitted Sheet

King fitted sheet, green hem thread, 15" Pocket (78" x 80" x 15")

Price: $14.59

Microtex® King Flat Sheet

King flat sheet, green hem thread (108" x 110")

Price: $14.59

Microtex® King Pillow Case

King pillowcase (20" x 42") *minimum of 2

Price: $3.19

Microtex® Queen Fitted Sheet

Queen fitted sheet, blue hem thread, 12" Pocket (60" x 80" x 12")

Price: $10.33

Microtex® Queen Flat Sheet

Queen flat sheet, blue hem thread (90" x 110")

Price: $11.66

Microtex® Standard Pillow Case

Standard pillowcase (20" x 32") *minimum of 2

Price: $2.50

Microtex® Twin Fitted Sheets

Twin fitted sheet, white hem thread, 9" Pocket (36" x 80" x 9")

Price: $4.99

Microtex® Twin Flat Sheet

Twin flat sheet, white hem thread (66" x 104")

Price: $5.99

Twin Fitted Microtex™ 39x80x10 White

Twin Fitted Microtex™ 39x80x10 White, Orange Hem

Price: $10.00

Twin Fitted Microtex™ 42x80x8

Twin Fitted Microtex™ 42x80x8 White, Blue Hem

Price: $10.00